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Managed Package Installation

Minimum Requirements: To use Blitzz as a Managed Package with Salesforce, you need to be on a Salesforce Enterprise Edition and Blitzz Enterprise Edition


Domain Setup

If you are new to Salesforce, you will need to set up a domain. Most likely, your org already has a domain configured.

  • Login into the Salesforce org as an Admin
  • Click on the gear icon.
  • Click on the Setup option, it will redirect the user to the next tab.
  • Enter the Domain Name of your choice in the text box as shown in the below screenshot and click "check the availability" button. 
  • When the “Check availability” button turns green, click on the Register Domain button, it will redirect to the next step.

Note: Salesforce takes a few of minutes to register the domain and the user will receive an Email notification when ready.

Package Installation

  1. Click the link below to access the managed package published:
  2. Select the group of users you would like to install the application for and click Install.
  3. This should take about 2-3 minutes for the installation. Click done.

Blitzz Configuration Panel Setup

Authenticating your Package with Blitzz

  1. After you have installed the application, you will be redirected back to Installed Packages in your Salesforce Org. Here, locate Blitzz and click Configure.
  2. API Key: Enter the Blitzz API key for your domain and click update (Contact Blitzz support if you dont have an API Key).

Mapping fields for auto-populating

This is where you can select which objects will use Blitzz, and which fields to be mapped. 

For Eg. If you select Case as the object, you can use the Case Number as the Reference Field for Creating a session, and pass the Customer's phone number to send an SMS to

Configuring your Video Call Layout

Select how you would like the call to be connected. For optimal viewing and being able to use all features of Blitzz, we recommend using the "New SubTab within Salesforce" option. This depends on your use case.

Note: If you are using the Mobile App, your call will be connected in a new tab in Safari/Chrome browser by default. (Minumum Requirements)

Configuring Utility Bar Window Size

Use the options below to configure the Height and Width of the Utility Bar. This will show up only if you have enabled the Utility Bar Settings.

Blitzz Component Settings

  1. Navigate to the Sales console app from the app launcher (or Service Console App, if you would like to configure Blitzz for Service Console)
  2. Click on the object, where you would like to display the Blitzz video support component
  3. Open the record of that object and click the Gear icon and click on the Edit page option. This will redirect you to the lightning page builder.
  4. In the Page Builder, drag-and-drop to embed "Blitzz Video support" based on your page layout and preference

Use Tabs to display Blitzz Call History for that object:

Adding Blitzz Video Caller to Utility Bar

Note: Since the calls initiated from Utility bar are not tied to any objects like case or leads, they will not be auto-populated with details like Reference, Phone Number, etc.


  1. Click on the Gear icon > click setup > App Manager
  2. Click the arrow and select edit option for Sales (Lightning)
  3. Select the Utility Items and then click on Add Utility Item button.
  4. Search and select Blitzz Video Support from the search bar and click Save

Assigning Custom permissions set to the profiles


  1. Search for Settings >Profiles > Enable Custom permission > Edit under the settings menu
  2. Select the Blitzz Video Support and Blitzz call history permissions and click on add > Save.

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